Price Computing Scales

up t0 70% off for a limited time! Increase your efficiency with a Deli Scales, Candy Store Scales or Farmers Market Scales. These basic price computing scales will easily and accurately give you the price to charge your customers based off the weight of the item on the scale. Save money, increase productivity & run a better business!

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CAS ER JR Price Computing Scales
Detecto D Series Price Computing Scales
CAS S-2000 Price Computing Scale
Capacity: 30 LB
Accuracy: 0.005 LB
Platform Size: 12 x 9
Features: 3 Direct PLUs, Rechargeable Battery, LCD Display, Legal for Trade
Capacity: To 60 Lbs
Accuracy: From .002 Lb
Platform Size: 12 x 9
Features: Rechargeable Battery, Legal For Trade, 99 PLU Memory
Capacity: To 60 Lbs
Accuracy: From .01 Lb
Platform Size: 15" x 11"
Features: Screens on Both Sides Of Scale, 999 PLU Memory Slots, RS232 Interface, Legal For Trade
Original Price: $308.00
 Now: $227.50 
Original Price: $469.00
 Now: $259.00 
Original Price: $435.00
 Now: $321.75 
CAS AP-1 Price Computing Scale With Tower
CAS EB Series Price Computing Bench Scale
Detecto DM15 Price Computing Scale
Capacity: To 60 Lbs
Accuracy: From .005 Lb
Platform Size: 14" x 9"
Features: 200 PLU Memory, Add + Total Features, 28 Direct PLU Keys, Bright VFD Display, Legal For Trade
Capacity: To 150lbs
Accuracy: From .01 lbs
Platform Size: 11 x 11
Features: Programmable Tare
Capacity: 240 oz
Accuracy: 0.1 oz
Platform Size: 12" x 9"
Features: Rechargeable Battery, Up to 99 Price Look Ups, Pre-Pack, Legal for Trade
Original Price: $349.00
 Now: $269.99 
Original Price: $725.00
 Now: $507.50 
Original Price: $462.00
 Now: $299.00 
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