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up to 70% off until the end of the month. We have a large selection of jewelry scales to choose from, and prices that just can't be beat. Portability is often a big factor with on the go jewelers and we have pocket scale models about the size of your hand. Many models weigh in several different modes for your convenience, including grams, pennyweight, carats and troy ounces. Legal For Trade models are available for professionals.

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Ohaus Scout PRO Precision Balances
A&D EK-i / EW-i Legal For Trade Jewelry Scales
My Weigh Triton T2 Jewelry Scales
Capacity: To 6000g
Accuracy: From 1mg
Platform Size: To 7" x 6"
Features: USB Connectivity, Tare Functions
Capacity: To 600g
Accuracy: From .01g
Platform Size: To 5" x 7"
Features: Legal For Trade, RS232 Output, Comparator Functions
Capacity: 550g
Accuracy: .1g
Platform Size: 2.5" x 2.5"
Features: Hard Flip Case, Tare, Auto Calibration
Original Price: $226.00
 Now: $158.20 
Original Price: $499.00
 Now: $315.00 
Original Price: $69.99
 Now: $25.99 
Ohaus CL Precision Balances
MyWeigh i201 Precision Jewelry Scale
A&D Ninja HL-i Series Digital Balances
Capacity: To 5000g
Accuracy: From .1g
Platform Size: Æ 5"
Features: Portable, Tare Features
Capacity: 200g
Accuracy: .01g
Platform Size: Æ 4"
Features: Includes Calibration Weight, Multiple Weighing Modes, Piece Counting
Capacity: To 2000g
Accuracy: From .1g
Platform Size: Æ 5"
Features: Rugged Design, Portable, Stability Indicator, Tare
Original Price: $83.00
 Now: $49.80 
Original Price: $169.99
 Now: $89.99 
Original Price: $149.99
 Now: $78.99 
Jennings JS 150V Jewelry Scales
Ohaus CS Series Compact Scales
Ohaus Handheld Pocket Scales
Capacity: 150g
Accuracy: .1g
Platform Size: 2" x 3"
Features: Parts Counting, Backlit Display, Stainless Tray
Capacity: To 5000g
Accuracy: From .1g
Platform Size: Æ 5"
Features: Portable, Battery Powered
Capacity: To 320g
Accuracy: From .1g
Platform Size: Æ 3"
Features: Portable, Tare, Hand Held
Original Price: $49.99
 Now: $19.99 
Original Price: $128.00
 Now: $96.00 
Original Price: $132.00
 Now: $79.20 
Weighmax BX-500 Pocket Jewelry Scale
My Weigh iBalance 700 Jewelry / Counting Scale
Adam Dune™ Compact Balances
Capacity: 500g
Accuracy: .1g
Platform Size: 2" x 2.5"
Features: Backlit Display, Tare
Capacity: 700 g
Accuracy: .1 g
Platform Size: 5.5" x 5"
Features: Counting Functions, Weighing Container, Backlit Display, Overload Protection
Capacity: To 5000g
Accuracy: From .1g
Platform Size: To 6" × 6"
Features: Precision load cell technology
Original Price: $49.99
 Now: $9.99 
Original Price: $149.00
 Now: $79.00 
Original Price: $77.14
 Now: $48.30 
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