Scale indicators

up to 70% off until the end of the month! Our Scale indicators from Cardinal, Ohaus & A&D provide high quality solutions for all your weighing needs. From check weighing, to filling, truck scales to material handling Quick Supply has a scale indicator that can help.

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Ohaus 3000 Series Scale Indicators
Ohaus 5000 Series Scale Indicators
A&D AD-8922 Remote Controller
Original Price: $319.00
 Now: $255.20 
Original Price: $449.00
 Now: $359.20 
Original Price: $899.00
 Now: $550.00 
Ohaus 7000 Series Scale Indicator
CAS CI-2001A Indicator
Adam AE 402 Indicator
Original Price: $670.00
 Now: $536.00 
Original Price: $325.00
 Now: $227.50 
Original Price: $297.14
 Now: $208.00 
Mettler Toledo 02707700-000 Tower Mounted Remote Display
Adam GK  Indicator
Mettler Toledo 02705700-000 Single Mount Display
Original Price: $312.00
 Now: $218.40 
Original Price: $321.43
 Now: $180.00 
Original Price: $274.00
 Now: $191.80 
CAS CI-2001AS Indicator
CAS CI-2001B Indicator
CAS CI-2001BS Indicator
Original Price: $325.00
 Now: $276.50 
Original Price: $325.00
 Now: $227.50 
Original Price: $325.00
 Now: $276.50 
Detecto MedVue Medical Weight Analyzer
Detecto Wireless Ethernet Option Card
Original Price: $715.00
 Now: $601.00 
Original Price: $220.00
 Now: $200.00 
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