Industrial balances

up to 70% off until the end of the month. Our line of industrial balances are rugged, reliable and extremely accurate. For applications where precision accuracy is required on high capacity samples no-one tops A&D and Ohaus. Now is the best time to purchase an industrial balance, prices have been slashed up to 70% off until the end of the month.

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A&D GP Series Waterproof Industrial Balance
Ohaus CS Series Compact Scales
A&D GF-K Industrial Balances
Capacity: To 101 Kg
Accuracy: From .1g
Platform Size: To 15" x 24"
Features: Waterproof, Advanced Weighing Modes, Underhook Available, Built-In Calibration
Capacity: To 5000g
Accuracy: From .1g
Platform Size: Æ 5"
Features: Portable, Battery Powered
Capacity: To 31kg
Accuracy: From .01g
Platform Size: To 10" x 8"
Features: Waterproof, RS232 Output, Advanced Weighing Modes
Original Price: $3,159.00
 Now: $2,329.25 
Original Price: $128.00
 Now: $96.00 
Original Price: $3,036.00
 Now: $2,152.15 
A&D GX Series Industrial Balances
A&D 4212A High Precision Balance
Ohaus Ranger Compact Bench Scales
Capacity: To 31 Kg
Accuracy: From .01g
Platform Size: To 6.5 x 6.5
Features: Internal Calibration, Advanced Weighing Modes, RS232 Output, VFD Display
Capacity: To 1100g
Accuracy: From .0001g
Platform Size: 2" x 2"
Features: RS232, Comparator & GLP Outputs, Includes Calibration Weight, Includes Breeze Block
Capacity: To 120 Lbs
Accuracy: From .02 Lb
Platform Size: 14" x 8"
Features: Portable, Legal For Trade, RS232 Output, Washdown Friendly Available
Original Price: $3,198.00
 Now: $2,308.15 
Original Price: $5,999.00
 Now: $3,566.00 
Original Price: $978.00
 Now: $782.40 
Ohaus Navigator XT Compact Portable Scale
Capacity: To 32 LB
Accuracy: From .0002 lb
Platform Size: 9 x 10
Features: Touchless Sensors
Original Price: $456.00
 Now: $364.80 
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