Floor Scales
Floor Scales

Floor scales

up to 70% off until the end of the month. If your weighing pallets for a freight company, or managing the inventory for your warehouse, we have a weighing solution to fit your budget. Our floor scales come in capacities from 500 Lbs to 10,000 Lbs. NTEP (Legal For Trade) models are available, as well as RS232 support to directly interface with your shipping manifest software.
Floor Scales

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Salter PS500 Digital Floor Scales
Salter Pegasus Pallet Scale
Ohaus VN Series Legal For Trade Floor Scale
Capacity: 500 Lbs
Accuracy: .2 Lb
Platform Size: To 42" x 22"
Features: PC Connectivity, Remote Display
Capacity: To 10,000 Lbs
Accuracy: From 1 Lb
Platform Size: To 5' x 5'
Features: Software Compatible, Basic Print Funciton, SBI-505 LED Indicator Is Legal For Trade
Capacity: 5,000 Lbs
Accuracy: 1 Lb
Platform Size: To 5' x 5'
Features: Output to Printer or PC via RS232
Original Price: $499.00
 Now: $318.00 
Original Price: $1,779.00
 Now: $931.00 
Original Price: $1,425.00
 Now: $997.50 
Detecto Run-A-Weigh Drum Scales
Ohaus D500M Mechanical Floor Beam Scale
Adam CPWplus M Weighing Scales
Capacity: To 1,000 Lbs
Accuracy: From .2 Lb
Platform Size: 30" x 40"
Features: Side Ramps, Rolling Castors, Portable, PC / Printer Connectivity
Capacity: 1000 Lbs
Accuracy: .5 Lb
Platform Size: 19" x 28"
Features: Mechanical Beam Operation
Capacity: To 440 lbs
Accuracy: From 0.02 lb
Platform Size: 20" x 20"
Features: Hold function
Original Price: $1,779.00
 Now: $1,300.00 
Original Price: $1,049.00
 Now: $786.75 
Original Price: $400.00
 Now: $266.00 
Adam CPWplus L Floor Scales
CAS HFS Series Floor Scale
Adam PT NTEP Certified Pallet Scale
Capacity: To 660 lbs
Accuracy: From 0.02 lb
Platform Size: 36" x 24"
Features: Modern low profile design
Capacity: To 10,000 lb
Accuracy: From 1lb
Platform Size: Varies
Features: 150% overload protection
Capacity: To 10,000 LBS
Accuracy: From 0.5 LB
Platform Size: 47" x 47"
Features: Legal For Trade, Overload protection
Original Price: $600.00
 Now: $399.00 
Original Price: $1,195.00
 Now: $836.50 
Original Price: $1,080.00
 Now: $720.00 
Salter DS1000 Drum Scale
CAS CPS Series Pallet Jack Scales
Adam CPWplus W Weighing Scales
Capacity: 1,000 lbs
Accuracy: .5 lb
Platform Size: 32 x 32 x 2
Features: Low Profile, Easy Assembly
Capacity: 5000 Lbs
Accuracy: 2 Lb
Platform Size: 27" Forks
Features: Built-In Thermal Printer, Rechargeable Battery, Backlit LCD Display
Capacity: To 440 lbs
Accuracy: From 0.02 lb
Platform Size: 20" x 20"
Features: Auto sleep / power down function to save battery life
Original Price: $895.00
 Now: $775.00 
Original Price: $3,379.00
 Now: $2,295.00 
Original Price: $455.36
 Now: $323.00 
Adam GF Platforms
Adam PTM Drum / Wheelchair Platforms
Health O Meter 753KL Legal for Trade Digital Floor Scale
Capacity: To 1320 lbs
Accuracy: From 0.1 lb
Platform Size: To 32" x 24"
Features: Can be supplied complete with indicator
Capacity: 1,100 LB
Accuracy: 0.2 LB
Platform Size: 32" x 30"
Features: 4 Loadcell Construction
Capacity: 600 lb
Accuracy: .2 lb
Platform Size: 15 x 15
Features: Remote indicator can be placed on table or mounted on wall
Original Price: $507.85
 Now: $316.00 
Original Price: $1,080.00
 Now: $720.00 
Original Price: $749.00
 Now: $518.00 
CAS R Series Roll-On Drum Scale
Capacity: To 1000 lbs
Accuracy: From 0.2 lbs
Platform Size: 43 x 40
Features: Side access junction box
Original Price: $1,137.14
 Now: $896.00 
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