Precision balances

up to 70% off until the end of the month! Precision balances are classified as a scales with a resolution from .1g to 1 mg. These highly accurate precision balances are ideal for weighing small parts or liquids in manufacturing or research industries. Precision balances are also ideal for educational purposes.

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Ohaus Scout PRO Precision Balances
Ohaus Valor 3000 Xtreme Compact Digital Scales
MyWeigh i201 Precision Jewelry Scale
Capacity: To 6000g
Accuracy: From 1mg
Platform Size: To 7" x 6"
Features: USB Connectivity, Tare Functions
Capacity: To 6000g
Accuracy: From .01g
Platform Size: To 6" x 6"
Features: Washdown Friendly, Advanced Weighing Modes, HIghly Accurate
Capacity: 200g
Accuracy: .01g
Platform Size: Æ 4"
Features: Includes Calibration Weight, Multiple Weighing Modes, Piece Counting
Original Price: $226.00
 Now: $158.20 
Original Price: $397.00
 Now: $337.45 
Original Price: $169.99
 Now: $89.99 
A&D SJ Series Precision Balances
A&D GF-P Toploader Pharmacy Balances
Ohaus Adventurer Pro Precision Balance
Capacity: To 26 Lbs
Accuracy: From 0.001 lb
Platform Size: 9" x 7.5"
Features: NSF Certified, Stainless Steel pan
Capacity: To 8100g
Accuracy: From .001g
Platform Size: 5" x 5"
Features: NTEP Certified, Includes WinCT Software, IP54 Splashproof Keypad, Pill Counting Features
Capacity: To 8100g
Accuracy: From .001g
Platform Size: To 7" x 7"
Features: Advanced Functions, Multiple Capacity & Size Options
Original Price: $229.00
 Now: $145.00 
Original Price: $1,299.00
 Now: $997.15 
Original Price: $935.00
 Now: $794.75 
Ohaus CS Series Compact Scales
A&D FX-I Toploader Balances
A&D GX Series Toploader Balances
Capacity: To 5000g
Accuracy: From .1g
Platform Size: Æ 5"
Features: Portable, Battery Powered
Capacity: To 3200g
Accuracy: From .01g
Platform Size: Æ 6"
Features: USB, LAN & RS232 Interface, Quick Stabilization, Comparator Functions
Capacity: To 8100g
Accuracy: From .001g
Platform Size: 7" x 7"
Features: Percentage, Counting & Comparator Functions, VFD Display, High Resolution
Original Price: $128.00
 Now: $96.00 
Original Price: $999.00
 Now: $727.50 
Original Price: $1,599.00
 Now: $1,405.25 
A&D 4212A High Precision Balance
Ohaus Pioneer Precision Balances
A&D SV Series Balances
Capacity: To 1100g
Accuracy: From .0001g
Platform Size: 2" x 2"
Features: RS232, Comparator & GLP Outputs, Includes Calibration Weight, Includes Breeze Block
Capacity: To 4100g
Accuracy: From .001g
Platform Size: To Æ 7"
Features: Draft Shield, Leveling Feet, Accurate & Affordable
Capacity: To 610g
Accuracy: From .01g
Platform Size: 4" x 4"
Features: Piece Counting, Multiple Weighing Units, Easy Operation
Original Price: $5,999.00
 Now: $3,566.00 
Original Price: $923.00
 Now: $784.55 
Original Price: $435.00
 Now: $335.00 
Ohaus Navigator XT Compact Portable Scale
Citizen MP Series Compact Scale
My Weigh iBalance 700 Jewelry / Counting Scale
Capacity: To 32 LB
Accuracy: From .0002 lb
Platform Size: 9 x 10
Features: Touchless Sensors
Capacity: To 5000 g
Accuracy: From .01 g
Platform Size: 6" x 6"
Features: Auto calibration, Extreme Accuracy
Capacity: 700 g
Accuracy: .1 g
Platform Size: 5.5" x 5"
Features: Counting Functions, Weighing Container, Backlit Display, Overload Protection
Original Price: $456.00
 Now: $364.80 
Original Price: $126.85
 Now: $86.00 
Original Price: $149.00
 Now: $79.00 
Citizen CT Series Laboratory Balances
Citizen CZ Series Precision Scales
Adam PGW Precision Balances
Capacity: To 8000g
Accuracy: from .01g
Platform Size: To 6.7"
Features: Auto Zero-Trakcing, Auto Calibration
Capacity: To 600g
Accuracy: From .001g
Platform Size: To 124 x 144 mm
Features: 8 Different Weighing Units
Capacity: To 4500g
Accuracy: From .001g
Platform Size: To 7" × 7"
Features: Splashproof to protect from accidental spills
Original Price: $306.85
 Now: $220.00 
Original Price: $454.28
 Now: $383.50 
Original Price: $975.00
 Now: $726.25 
Adam Core™ Compact Portable Balances
Citizen CY Series Precision Balances
Adam PGL Precision Balance
Capacity: To 5000g
Accuracy: From .01g
Platform Size: To Æ 5.7"
Features: Overload three-point protection
Capacity: To 1000g
Accuracy: From .001g
Platform Size: To Æ 5"
Features: Desnity determination for Solid & Liquid
Capacity: To 20kg
Accuracy: From .001g
Platform Size: To 16" × 12"
Features: Overload protection
Original Price: $120.00
 Now: $90.20 
Original Price: $900.00
 Now: $705.00 
Original Price: $724.29
 Now: $560.25 
Adam Highland™ Portable Precision Balances
Citizen CG Series Precision / Gold Balances
Capacity: To 3000g
Accuracy: From .001g
Platform Size: Æ 6"
Features: Manual internal calibration with built-in mass
Capacity: To 6100g
Accuracy: .01g
Platform Size: 6.5" x 6.5"
Features: Built-in overload protection
Original Price: $334.29
 Now: $261.30 
Original Price: $900.00
 Now: $730.00 
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