Health Care scales

Health Care scales

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Health Care Scale Types & Applications:

  • Physician Balance Beam Scales: An eye level scale commonly found in hospitals and doctors offices. Two weights are moved across a poise bar until the indicator balances. The weight can then be read from the poise bar based off the location of the weights.
  • Baby Scales: Baby scales are available in both mechanical and digital models. Digital models tend to be more accurate because they can take movement fluctuation into account during the weighing process. Neonatal scales are available with extreme accuracy for critical application in the NICU.
  • Wheelchair Scales: A large platform scale that usually has built-in side ramps. The wheelchair scale is extremely convenient for diabled patients or dialysis patients because they can be weighed in their wheelchair without the discomfort of being moved.
  • Bariatric Scales: A bariatric scale is ideal for oversized or obese patients. These scales have a larger platform and a higher weight capacity to suit these types of applications. Many bariatric scales also have built-in rails.
  • Height Rods: There are several types of height rods / stadiometers available. Some are designed to be mounted to a wall, others are portable for traveling nurses and health care providers. Digital stadiometers are also available for BMI calculations.
  • Veterinary Scales: Veterinary scales are commonly used in animal clinics for cats and dogs, and also for weighing livestock. These models are designed with sanitary convenience in mind.
  • Bathroom Scales: Bathroom scales are a common household item. You simply step on them to view your weight readings. In recent years more advanced models have become available that will also calculate your body fat percentage, water content and body mass index.
  • Chair & Dialysis Scales: The ability to weigh a dialysis patient is extremely important. A chair scale with wheels makes this process more comfortable because they can be moved place to place as needed without the discomfort of standing up.

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