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Package & Letter Scales - Types And Applications:

  • Package Scales: Package scales come in all shapes and sizes. A good package scale typically has an accuracy of .2 of a pound or better, and has a platform size of 12" x 12" or larger. These shipping scales are ideal for weighing parcels being shipped through Fedex, UPS and the USPS.
  • Letter Scales: A letter scale has to have a higher accuracy than a typical package scale. Letter scales are ideal for weighing mail being sent through the USPS via services like First Class & Espress. A letter scale is also great for weighing Fedex and UPS express envelopes.
  • Bulk Mailing Scales: Large mailrooms typically get a volume discount when mailing identical pieces of mail through the post office. When weighing and printing postage for hundreds or thousands of pieces of mail, advanced functions such as piece counting can be invaluable. A bulk mailing scale will assist you with the tedious procedures required to handle large volumes of mail.
  • Freight Scales: Oversized shippments, or shippments weighing more than 150 Lbs are generally shipped through a trucking company. Since these types of shippments are so heavy or bulky, a large platform scale is needed to effectively weigh them. A freight scale has a platform size of 4' x 4' or larger, and usually has a capacity of atleast 2,500 Lbs.

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