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Warehouse & Industrial Scales

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Warehouse & Industrial Scales
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Industrial Scale Types & Applications:

  • Pallet Scales: Ideal for weighing freight shippments, these scales have an oversized platform that is usually atleast 4' x 4'. Capacities can range from 2,500 Lbs to 20,000 Lbs and NTEP certification is available on some models.
  • Parts Counting Scales: Ideal for inventory & receiving, a piece counting scale can take a sample weight, and tell you how many items you have on the scale. Perfect for weighing parts, assemblies or verifying accuracy of inventory.
  • Bench Top Scales: Bench scales are great for general weighing applications where durability is essential. Many models are washdown friendly, which makes this type of scale ideal for manufacturing and food packaging.
  • Check Weighing Scales: Generally used on assembley lines, a check weighing scale references a predefined weight and tells you if the current target is over, under or within range. A checkweighing scales is ideal for quality control applications.
  • Crane Scales: Whenever items need to be weighed in an overhead application, a crane scale comes in handy. Crane scales are used in many applications from fishing boats, to cargo container storage.
  • Truck Axle Scales: A truck axle scale is designed for mobile weighing of large vehicles. State Troopers commonly use a Truck Axle when doing highway patrol. Another common application is the racing industry.

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