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Food Service Scale Types & Applications:

  • Price Computing Scales: Deli's, Candy Stores & Farmers Markets are some of the more common places you might find one of our price computing scales. These handy retail scales will take the weight of an item, and calculate a price for it based on a pre-set price per pound. Many are available with thermal printers that will print out barcodes and pricing stickers.
  • Commercial Kitchen Scales: Commonly found in restaurants, a commercial kitchen scale would be used to weigh meat to assist with quality control. These scales are generally washdown friendly, and extremely sanitary.
  • Point Of Sale Scales: A point of sale scale is unique because it will provide an interface to your POS system or cash register, allowing you to pull the weight of items directly into the customers transaction. Point of sale scales can be found anywhere where items are sold by weight.
  • Kitchen Scales: Kitchen scales can be found in millions of homes across the world. They are used in everyday cooking projects for the family or when entertaining.
  • Portion Control Scales: A portion control scale is ideal for applications where similar items will be weighed over and over. These scales have buzzer functions that sound when a food item is over or under the weight limit. A portion control scale is commonly found in manufacturing plants and restaurants.
  • Hanging Produce Scales: Grocery stores and farmers markets are the types of places you would find a hanging produce scale. These scales are generally mechanical in nature, but there are some digital ones available. A pan is hung below an indicator in which the customer would place the food stuffs to be weighed in. NTEP certification is available on some models.

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