up to 70% off until the end of the month! Our list of balances includes Precision Balances, Analytical Balances, Moisture Analyzers, Industrial Balances and Jewelry Scales. And for a limited time prices have been slashed up to 70% off! Shop for Balances with Quick Supply today!

Types of Balances:

  • Precision Balances: Precision balances can be used in manufacturing or research industries as well as education purposes. These balances easily weigh small parts or liquids and are highly accurate, with resolutions from .1g to 1 mg.
  • Analytical Balances: Great for universities and pharmaceutical companies, analytical balances measure mass with a high degree of precision and accuracy. Analytical balances measure weight from .1 mg all the way down to 10 micrograms.
  • Moisture Analyzers: Used for measuring moisture content, moisture analyzers are used in many different industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals and construction.
  • Industrial Balances: Ideal for applications where precision accuracy is required, even in the heaviest weighing demands
  • Jewelry Scales: Perfect for any jeweler, jewelry scales are used for measuring diamonds, gold, silver and other jewelry pieces.

     Precision Balances

     Analytical Balances

     Moisture Analyzers

     Industrial Balances

     Jewelry Scales

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Citizen MP Series Compact Scale
Citizen CT Series Laboratory Balances
Citizen CZ Series Precision Scales
Citizen CY Series Precision Balances
Capacity: To 5000 g
Accuracy: From .01 g
Platform Size: 6" x 6"
Features: Auto calibration, Extreme Accuracy
Capacity: To 8000g
Accuracy: from .01g
Platform Size: To 6.7"
Features: Auto Zero-Trakcing, Auto Calibration
Capacity: To 600g
Accuracy: From .001g
Platform Size: To 124 x 144 mm
Features: 8 Different Weighing Units
Capacity: To 1000g
Accuracy: From .001g
Platform Size: To Æ 5"
Features: Desnity determination for Solid & Liquid
Original Price: $126.85
 Now: $86.00 
Original Price: $306.85
 Now: $220.00 
Original Price: $454.28
 Now: $383.50 
Original Price: $900.00
 Now: $705.00 
Citizen MB Series Moisture Balance
Citizen CX Series Semi Micro Balances
Citizen CG Series Precision / Gold Balances
Citizen CY Series Analytical Balances
Capacity: To 200g
Accuracy: .001g
Platform Size: 3.5"
Features: Easyily programmed printouts
Capacity: Up to 210gm
Accuracy: From .0001g
Platform Size: Æ 3.3"
Features: Complies GLP/GMP
Capacity: To 6100g
Accuracy: .01g
Platform Size: 6.5" x 6.5"
Features: Built-in overload protection
Capacity: To 220g
Accuracy: From .0001g
Platform Size: Æ 3.3"
Features: Automatic External Calibration
Original Price: $2,314.28
 Now: $1,620.00 
Original Price: $2,785.71
 Now: $2,050.00 
Original Price: $900.00
 Now: $730.00 
Original Price: $1,414.28
 Now: $990.00 
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