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My Weigh Scales Save up to 70% off all My Weigh scales until the end of the month! My Weigh is one of the largest consumer scale manufacturers in the world. They have a large variety of products ranging from postal and shipping scales, all the way to precision jewelry scales. My Weigh is famous for several of their high quality scales such as the Ultraship and the KD7000. My Weigh Scales

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Ultraship Digital Postal Scales by My Weigh
My Weigh KD7000 Digital Kitchen Scales
My Weigh HD-150 Electronic UPS Shipping Scales
Capacity: To 75 Lbs
Accuracy: From 0.005 lb
Platform Size: 8" x 6"
Features: Detachable Display, Includes Attachments
Capacity: 15 Lbs
Accuracy: .002 lb
Platform Size: 7" x 7"
Features: Display Cover, Tare Functions
Capacity: 150 Lbs
Accuracy: .1 Lb
Platform Size: 14" x 14"
Features: Software Compatible, Remote Display
Original Price: $49.99
 Now: $24.99 
Original Price: $74.99
 Now: $43.99 
Original Price: $189.00
 Now: $120.00 
My Weigh KD8000 Bakers Scale
My Weigh 7001 Digital Postage Scales
My Weigh Triton T2 Jewelry Scales
Capacity: 17 Lbs
Accuracy: .002 lb
Platform Size: 7" x 7"
Features: LCD Cover, Stainless Steel Tray, Percentage Weighing
Capacity: 15 Lbs
Accuracy: .005 Lb
Platform Size: 8" x 6"
Features: Includes Letter Holder, Includes Mixing Bowl
Capacity: 550g
Accuracy: .1g
Platform Size: 2.5" x 2.5"
Features: Hard Flip Case, Tare, Auto Calibration
Original Price: $79.99
 Now: $49.99 
Original Price: $69.99
 Now: $43.99 
Original Price: $69.99
 Now: $25.99 
MyWeigh i201 Precision Jewelry Scale
My Weigh MHS Series Hanging Scales
My Weigh iBalance 2500g Kitchen Bowl Scale
Capacity: 200g
Accuracy: .01g
Platform Size: Æ 4"
Features: Includes Calibration Weight, Multiple Weighing Modes, Piece Counting
Capacity: To 50 Lbs
Accuracy: From .25 Lb
Platform Size: Hook
Features: Lightweight, Portable
Capacity: 5.5 lbs
Accuracy: 0.001 lb
Platform Size: 5"
Features: Cumulative Weighing Modes, Includes Mixing Bowl
Original Price: $169.99
 Now: $89.99 
Original Price: $29.99
 Now: $13.50 
Original Price: $76.99
 Now: $44.99 
Ultraship AC Adapter
AC Adapter for KD7000, KD8000, U-2 & 7001
Ultraship Stainless Steel Tray
Our Price: $5.99 
Our Price: $4.99 
Our Price: $4.99 
My Weigh iBalance 700 Jewelry / Counting Scale
My Weigh CTS 3000 / CTS 6000 Counting Scale
My Weigh Verifly Hanging Luggage Scale
Capacity: 700 g
Accuracy: .1 g
Platform Size: 5.5" x 5"
Features: Counting Functions, Weighing Container, Backlit Display, Overload Protection
Capacity: To 66 LBS
Accuracy: From .0005 LB
Platform Size: 12 x 9
Features: Five different weighing modes
Capacity: 110 Lbs
Accuracy: .2 Lb
Platform Size: Hook
Features: Reads in Lbs or Kgs, Ergonomic Handle, Easily Stored
Original Price: $149.00
 Now: $79.00 
Original Price: $292.00
 Now: $200.00 
Original Price: $39.00
 Now: $19.00 
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