A&D Scales
A&D Scales Save up to 70% off all A&D Scales until the end of the month! A&D Weighing has been manufacturing scales and balances since 1977. Although they are not as old as some of the other manufacturers, they have proven themselves time and time again with quality products and great prices. After 30 years in the market A&D Weighing is now the third largest scale manufacturer in the world. A&D Scales

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A&D HL-WP Waterproof Food Scales
A&D EK-i / EW-i Legal For Trade Jewelry Scales
A&D GP-06 Analog Output
Capacity: To 6.6 Lbs
Accuracy: From .01 Oz
Platform Size: To 7" x 5"
Features: Washdown Friendly, Legal For Trade, Tare Functions
Capacity: To 600g
Accuracy: From .01g
Platform Size: To 5" x 7"
Features: Legal For Trade, RS232 Output, Comparator Functions
Original Price: $349.00
 Now: $259.00 
Original Price: $499.00
 Now: $315.00 
Our Price: $695.00 
A&D GX-06 Analog Output: Factory Installed Only
A&D SK-WP Industrial Electronic Food Scale
A&D SF / SG Series Retail Scales
Capacity: To 44 Lbs
Accuracy: From .001 Lb
Platform Size: 9" x 7.5"
Features: Legal For Trade, NSF Certified, Tare Functions
Capacity: To 60 Lbs
Accuracy: From .005 Lb
Platform Size: To 18" x 17"
Features: Optional Tower, RS232 Output, Legal For Trade
Our Price: $549.00 
Original Price: $369.00
 Now: $269.00 
Original Price: $399.00
 Now: $319.00 
A&D SJ Series Precision Balances
A&D SK Series Legal For Trade Food Scales
A&D Ninja HL-i Series Digital Balances
Capacity: To 26 Lbs
Accuracy: From 0.001 lb
Platform Size: 9" x 7.5"
Features: NSF Certified, Stainless Steel pan
Capacity: To 66 Lbs
Accuracy: From .001 Lb
Platform Size: 9" x 7.5"
Features: NSF Certified, Legal For Trade, Stainless Steel Pan, Dual Display Option
Capacity: To 2000g
Accuracy: From .1g
Platform Size: Æ 5"
Features: Rugged Design, Portable, Stability Indicator, Tare
Original Price: $229.00
 Now: $145.00 
Original Price: $379.00
 Now: $205.00 
Original Price: $149.99
 Now: $78.99 
A&D GP Series Waterproof Industrial Balance
A&D GF-P Toploader Pharmacy Balances
A&D FC-I Counting Scales
Capacity: To 101 Kg
Accuracy: From .1g
Platform Size: To 15" x 24"
Features: Waterproof, Advanced Weighing Modes, Underhook Available, Built-In Calibration
Capacity: To 8100g
Accuracy: From .001g
Platform Size: 5" x 5"
Features: NTEP Certified, Includes WinCT Software, IP54 Splashproof Keypad, Pill Counting Features
Capacity: To 100 Lbs
Accuracy: From .00005 lb
Platform Size: To 11 x 11
Features: Ultra High Resolution, RS232 Interfaces, 500 Memory Units, Rechargeable Battery
Original Price: $3,159.00
 Now: $2,329.25 
Original Price: $1,299.00
 Now: $997.15 
Original Price: $1,199.00
 Now: $958.65 
A&D HC-i Counting Scales
A&D Moisture Analyzers
A&D FG-K Series Bench Scales
Capacity: To 60 Lbs
Accuracy: From 0.001 lb
Platform Size: 12" x 8"
Features: Remote Display, 99 Memory Units, RS232 Output, Comparator & Relay Functions
Capacity: To 71g
Accuracy: From .0001g
Platform Size: Æ 3"
Features: Test Parameter Memories, Digital Calibration
Capacity: To 400 Lbs
Accuracy: From .02 Lb
Platform Size: To 16 x 21
Features: Legal For Trade, Push Button Tare, Stainless Platter
Original Price: $699.00
 Now: $410.00 
Original Price: $3,699.00
 Now: $1,767.15 
Original Price: $688.00
 Now: $488.95 
A&D Orion Analytical Balances
A&D FX-I Toploader Balances
A&D GF-K Industrial Balances
Capacity: To 320g
Accuracy: From .0001g
Platform Size: Æ 3"
Features: Legal For Trade, Enviornmental Settings, Push Button Calibration
Capacity: To 3200g
Accuracy: From .01g
Platform Size: Æ 6"
Features: USB, LAN & RS232 Interface, Quick Stabilization, Comparator Functions
Capacity: To 31kg
Accuracy: From .01g
Platform Size: To 10" x 8"
Features: Waterproof, RS232 Output, Advanced Weighing Modes
Original Price: $2,025.00
 Now: $1,405.25 
Original Price: $999.00
 Now: $727.50 
Original Price: $3,036.00
 Now: $2,152.15 
A&D GX Series Toploader Balances
A&D GX Series Industrial Balances
A&D HV-G Series Bench Scales
Capacity: To 8100g
Accuracy: From .001g
Platform Size: 7" x 7"
Features: Percentage, Counting & Comparator Functions, VFD Display, High Resolution
Capacity: To 31 Kg
Accuracy: From .01g
Platform Size: To 6.5 x 6.5
Features: Internal Calibration, Advanced Weighing Modes, RS232 Output, VFD Display
Capacity: To 500 Lbs
Accuracy: From .01 Lb
Platform Size: To 15 x 21
Features: Comparator Functions, Simple Batching Functions, RS232 Interface, Legal For Trade, Counting Functions
Original Price: $1,599.00
 Now: $1,405.25 
Original Price: $3,198.00
 Now: $2,308.15 
Original Price: $808.00
 Now: $608.00 
A&D HD Heavy Duty Counting Scales
A&D HW-G Series Bench Scales
A&D Gemini Analytical Balances
Capacity: To 120 Lbs
Accuracy: From 0.005 lb
Platform Size: 12" x 15"
Features: Heavy Duty Construction, Comparator Functions
Capacity: To 500 Lbs
Accuracy: From .002 Lb
Platform Size: To 15" x 28"
Features: Software Compatible, Counting Features, Pole Display, Multiple Capacity / Size Options
Capacity: To 310g
Accuracy: From .0001g
Platform Size: Æ 4"
Features: Small Footprint, Includes WinCT Software, GLP Compliant
Original Price: $1,199.00
 Now: $882.00 
Original Price: $932.00
 Now: $732.00 
Original Price: $2,382.00
 Now: $2,152.15 
A&D EKW-09i Rechargeable Battery
A&D Phoenix Analytical Balances
A&D 4212A High Precision Balance
Capacity: To 320g
Accuracy: From .0001g
Platform Size: Æ 4"
Features: Built-In Calibration, Environmental Filters, Percentage & Counting Modes
Capacity: To 1100g
Accuracy: From .0001g
Platform Size: 2" x 2"
Features: RS232, Comparator & GLP Outputs, Includes Calibration Weight, Includes Breeze Block
Our Price: $135.00 
Original Price: $2,659.00
 Now: $2,537.15 
Original Price: $5,999.00
 Now: $3,566.00 
A&D HV-WP Washdown Bench Scale
A&D JM Series Shipping Scales
A&D FS-i Checkweighing Scales
Capacity: To 500 Lbs
Accuracy: From .002 Lb
Platform Size: To 15 x 21
Features: Washdown Friendly, Comparator Functions, Simple Batch Functions, RS232 Output, Legal For Trade
Capacity: To 400 Lbs
Accuracy: From .2 Lb
Platform Size: 12" x 12"
Features: Software Connectivity, Remote Display
Capacity: To 70 Lbs
Accuracy: From .001 Lb
Platform Size: To 15 x 11
Features: Washdown Friendly, Comparator Lights, RS232 Output, 100 Item Memory
Original Price: $999.00
 Now: $803.00 
Original Price: $199.00
 Now: $142.00 
Original Price: $1,165.00
 Now: $965.00 
A&D HC-06i Rechargeable Battery
A&D SV Series Balances
A&D HW-WP Series Washdown Bench Scales
Capacity: To 610g
Accuracy: From .01g
Platform Size: 4" x 4"
Features: Piece Counting, Multiple Weighing Units, Easy Operation
Capacity: To 500 Lbs
Accuracy: From .002 Lb
Platform Size: To 15" x 20"
Features: Washdown Friendly, Counting Functions, Software Connectivity, Setpoint & Comparator Options
Our Price: $59.00 
Original Price: $435.00
 Now: $335.00 
Original Price: $1,204.00
 Now: $1,004.00 
A&D AD-8922 Remote Controller
A&D AD-1653 Density Determination Kit
A&D AD-1683 Static Eliminator
Original Price: $899.00
 Now: $550.00 
Our Price: $436.00 
Our Price: $1,095.00 
A&D AD-8951 Comparator Light Tower
A&D EK-04i Comparator / Relay Outputs
A&D FV-05 AC Adapter
Our Price: $625.00 
Our Price: $126.00 
Our Price: $29.00 
A&D TB:237 AC Adapter
A&D AX-USB-25P USB to 25 Pin Converter
A&D AD-4212A-19 Stainless Steel Breeze Break
Our Price: $39.00 
Our Price: $135.00 
Our Price: $89.00 
A&D AX-USB-DIN USB to DIN RS232 Converter
A&D AD-100-2 Anti-Theft Device
A&D AD-1681 Rechargeable Battery Pack
Our Price: $175.00 
Our Price: $54.00 
Our Price: $175.00 
A&D AD-1682 External Rechargeable Battery Pack
A&D AD-8920 Digital Display
A&D AX-33 Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate Test Samples
Our Price: $465.00 
Our Price: $250.00 
Our Price: $68.00 
A&D 07:SF In-use Covers For SF
A&D AD-4212A-08 Ethernet Interface With WinCT-Plus
A&D 8526-25 Ethernet Converter
Our Price: $95.00 
Our Price: $499.00 
Our Price: $525.00 
A&D 07:SG In-Use Covers For SG
A&D 07:3004753 Protective In-Use Cover
A&D FC-04i RS-232C / Comparator Relay
Our Price: $95.00 
Our Price: $17.00 
Our Price: $229.00 
A&D AX-32-2 Glass Fiber Sheets
A&D GH-08 Ethernet Option
A&D FC-05i Remote Scale Connection
Our Price: $49.00 
Our Price: $498.00 
Our Price: $95.00 
A&D AX-073003691-S Protective Cover
A&D GX-02 USB Interface
A&D FG-25 Display Wall Mount
Our Price: $17.00 
Our Price: $120.00 
Our Price: $599.00 
A&D AD-4212A-07 3 Meter Extension Cable
A&D FG-01 Display Wallmount Kit
A&D FG-24 Comparator / Setpoint Relay
Our Price: $139.00 
Our Price: $39.00 
Our Price: $85.00 
A&D FC-29i Bluetooth Option
A&D EKW-07i Underhook
A&D FG-26 Carrying Handle
Our Price: $299.00 
Our Price: $39.00 
Our Price: $79.00 
A&D FT:10 Non-Skid Foot
A&D FV-05i AC Adapter
A&D CC:102E Carrying Case
Our Price: $19.50 
Our Price: $14.99 
Our Price: $145.00 
A&D GP-21 Underhook 60Kg to 102Kg
A&D AX-073003692-G Protective Cover
A&D GX-04 Comparator Output
Our Price: $149.00 
Our Price: $17.00 
Our Price: $170.00 
A&D GP-04 Comparator Output With Buzzer
A&D HVWP-04 RS-422 / 485 Comparator / Setpoint Relay
A&D FXi-08 Ethernet Interface
Our Price: $219.00 
Our Price: $115.00 
Our Price: $449.00 
A&D FXi-02 USB Interface
A&D AX:073007197A Protective In-Use Cover
A&D GP-20 Underhook 12Kg to 40Kg
Our Price: $79.00 
Our Price: $17.00 
Our Price: $149.00 
A&D GX-04K Comparator Output
A&D AX-34 Halogen Lamp Replacement
A&D FC-01i Barcode Scanner
Our Price: $299.00 
Our Price: $49.00 
Our Price: $345.00 
A&D 20mA Current Loop
A&D AX-31 Washable Sample Pans
A&D FG-23 RS232 Interface
Our Price: $109.00 
Our Price: $79.00 
Our Price: $60.00 
A&D AX:3005824-5S In-use Cover
A&D FXi-WP-11 7.9
A&D EKW-29 Bluetooth Interface
Our Price: $11.00 
Our Price: $119.00 
Our Price: $299.00 
A&D GP-07 Extension Cable
A&D AX-38 Protective In-Use covers
A&D AX-35 Pan Handles
Our Price: $275.00 
Our Price: $34.00 
Our Price: $19.00 
A&D AX-37 Spoons
A&D AX-36 Tweezers
A&D CC:110 Carrying Case
Our Price: $15.70 
Our Price: $12.00 
Our Price: $125.00 
A&D FXi-WP-10 2.4
A&D FC-02i Rechargeable Battery Pack
A&D FXi-09 Rechargeable Battery
Our Price: $69.00 
Our Price: $355.00 
Our Price: $299.00 
A&D CC:4 Carrying Case
A&D GX-07K Waterproof RS232 Cable
A&D FC-09i Protective In-Use Cover
Our Price: $30.00 
Our Price: $275.00 
Our Price: $29.00 
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