A&D Scales
A&D Scales Save up to 70% off all A&D Scales until the end of the month! A&D Weighing has been manufacturing scales and balances since 1977. Although they are not as old as some of the other manufacturers, they have proven themselves time and time again with quality products and great prices. After 30 years in the market A&D Weighing is now the third largest scale manufacturer in the world. A&D Scales

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A&D GX-13 Density Determination Kit
A&D SW:128 Foot Switch
A&D CC:103E Carrying Case
Our Price: $450.00 
Our Price: $65.00 
Our Price: $339.00 
A&D CC:MX Carrying Case
A&D Stainless Steel Weighing Pan
A&D HVWP-02 17' Display Extension Cable
Our Price: $400.00 
Our Price: $14.99 
Our Price: $175.00 
A&D GXK-31 Draft Shield
A&D HC-03i RS-232C Output
A&D HV/W-06G Built-In Printer
Our Price: $99.00 
Our Price: $69.00 
Our Price: $345.00 
A&D HC-04i RS-232C Relay Output
A&D HC-08i Extension Cable (2m)
A&D HVWP-03 Comparator / Setpoint Relay & Buzzer
Our Price: $89.00 
Our Price: $49.00 
Our Price: $175.00 
A&D HD-04 Comparator Output
A&D SF-10 Steel Pan For SF
A&D HV/W03G Comparator / Setpoint Relay
Our Price: $159.00 
Our Price: $25.00 
Our Price: $145.00 
A&D SF-11 Steel Pan For SG
A&D HV/W-17LSC Swivel Caster
A&D SFG-03 RS232 Interface
Our Price: $25.00 
Our Price: $50.00 
Our Price: $85.00 
A&D HD-06 Carrying Handle
A&D GX-06K Analog Output
A&D SF-09 Rechargeable Battery for SF-KC
Our Price: $79.00 
Our Price: $695.00 
Our Price: $165.00 
A&D FV-05C AC Adapter
A&D HV/W-03G Comparator / Setpoint Relay
Glass Breeze Break for GX2000/4000/6100/6000/8000
Our Price: $29.00 
Our Price: $145.00 
Our Price: $254.00 
A&D HV/W-04G RS-422 / 485 Interface
A&D HD-03 RS232 Interface
A&D HV/W-04G RS-422/485 Interface
Our Price: $225.00 
Our Price: $119.00 
Our Price: $225.00 
Glass Breeze Break for GX-200/400/600
A&D AD-1192 Compact Printer
A&D FS-01i Wall Mount Bracket
Our Price: $254.00 
Our Price: $495.00 
Original Price: $58.22
 Now: $40.76 
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