Weighmax 25 Lb USB Scale

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Weighmax 25 Lb USB Scale

Weighmax 25 Lb USB Scale

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Capacity: 25 Lbs
Accuracy: 0.03 lb
Platform Size: 8" x 6"
Other Features:USB Connection to Software, Works with Dazzle / Endicia.
The WeighMax USB Scale is perfect for connecting to postage systems like Endicia Dazzle and Stamps.Com! It can be powered by the included USB cable, or used as a stand-alone weight machine with a 9v battery. This USB postal scale has a 25 Lb capacity, so it is more than capable of handling both letters and parcels. The Weighmax USB scale is ideal for home offices, mail rooms and any other location where postage is printed frequently.
  • USB Connection connects to software like Dazzle, Endicia and other popular postage programs.
  • Powered by 9v battery or the USB chord.
  • 25 Lb Capacity
  • 0.5 oz Accuracy
  • Tare & Hold Functions

Reviews of the Weighmax 25 Lb USB Scale

By Verified Customer
Great scale. We use several of these scales in our business and have found them to work well. We had one of them go bad, but the manufacturer replaced it under warranty since it was under a year. Works well with Shipworks.
By Verified Customer
This appears to be a very well built and accurate scale. It is small enough to keep on my desk yet large enough to handle most of my packages. The USB power means that there is no need for batteries. This scale measures up to 25 lbs., meaning it should accomodate most of my office needs.
By Verified Customer
Does not have an external power supply like my previous Stamps.com scale, it is powered by the USB cable, so it cannot be turned off unless it is unplugged from the USB cable. Scale reading can be reset with the Tare button, so not a big deal. Buttons are flat panels flush with scale body on its sides, so you have to crane your neck to see where to press.
By Verified Customer
It works with Endicia. It is cheaper than the others, offers USB, and unlike endicia's private labeled scale it actually offers a tare button on the side. I can't comment the durability yet, but if it lasts at least a year I'd buy it again.
By Verified Customer
This scale work's perfectly in my own application with BillRedirect software. Good precision !
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