Ohaus Discovery Analytical Balances

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Ohaus Discovery Analytical Balances

Ohaus Discovery Analytical Balances

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Capacity: To 310g
Accuracy: From 0.0001g
Platform Size: Æ 4"
Other Features:Statistics, Density, Pipette Calibration & More
Ohaus Discovery Analytical Balances offer semi micro weighing precision, modern ergonomic design, as well as a long list of standard features. Ohaus' combination of weighing performance, ease of use, and advanced applications make the Discovery line ideal for a broad range of uses from basic weighing, to more advanced applications such as parts counting, pipette calibration, density determination, statistical analysis, percent weighing and dynamic weighing.
110g x 0.0001g
210g x 0.0001g
310g x 0.0001g
81/210 g x 0.0001g
110g x 0.0001g
210g x 0.0001g
310g x 0.0001g
81/210 g x 0.0001g
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The Ohaus Discovery is the professionals choice for analytical weighing applications!

The NEW Ohaus Discovery series of semi-micro and analytical balances combine unmatched weighing performance with Ohaus SmarText software, making it extremely reliable and easy to use. The Ohaus Discovery lab scale features durable glass and steel construction and together with advanced AutoCal internal calibration make it the best performing balance in its class:

  • Highest Performance with repeatability and linearity performance thats 2X better than most balances in its class

  • SmarText Software utilizes text prompts to guide users through application use and balance setup

  • Advanced AutoCal automatic internal calibrationensures accurate weighing

The Ohaus Discovery series features four analytical models with capacities up to 310 grams by 0.1 mg with a FineRange model that offers 10 microgram readability. The Ohaus Discovery analytical balance is perfect for university research, pharmaceutical research and drug discovery, and general laboratory weighing applications.

Highest Performance

The Ohaus Discoverys repeatability and linearity performance is 2X better than most semi-micro balances in its class. Glass and steel construction resists the effects of static and corrosion increasing balance stability and accuracy, as well as extending product life.

SmarText Software

SmarText is Ohaus easy to use balance software that utilizes text prompts to guide users through application use and balance setup. Delivered through a 2-line backlit LCD and clearly marked buttons, SmarText tells you what is going on and what you have to do next.

Utilizing the 2-line LCD, SmarText simultaneously displays weight and application-specific information such as percent or count. At the touch of the Function button, SmarText will display application reference information such as the average piece weight (APW).

Advanced AutoCal

To minimize weighing errors and ensure accurate measurements, AutoCal utilizes two internal weights to perform a linear calibration. AutoCal internal calibration system automatically calibrates the balance when it senses a temperature change significant enough to affect the weighing accuracy.

Model DV114C DV214C DV314C DV215CD
Capacity (g) 110 210 310 81* / 210
Readability 0.1 mg 0.1 mg 0.1 mg 0.01*/0.1 mg

Repeatability (Std. dev.) (mg)

0.1 mg 0.1 mg 0.2 mg 0.02*/0.1 mg
Linearity (mg) ±0.2 ±0.5 ±0.03*/0.2
Weighing Units milligram, gram, carat, ounce, troy ounce, grain, pennyweight, momme, Hong Kong tael, Singapore tael, Taiwan tael, custom
Application Modes weighing, parts counting with automatic sample recalibration, percent weighing, checkweighing, animal/dynamic weighing, gross/net/tare weighing, totalization, high point, density, statistics, pipette calibration
Features selectable environmental filters, RS232 interface with full GLP/GMP protocol, easy to clean stainless steel platform, wind ring and glass & steel construction, protective in-use cover, integral weigh below hook, easy to use keypad, up-front level indicator
Tare Range to capacity by subtraction
Stabilization Time (seconds) 4 8 12/5
Sensitivity Drift (10-30 °C) ±2 ppm/°C
Operating temperature range 50° to 104°F / 10° to 40°C
Calibration automatic internal, pushbutton motorized internal, manual external
Power requirements External adapter, 100-120VAC 150mA, 220-240VAC 100mA, 50/60 Hz plug configuration for US, Euro, UK, Japan & Australian
Display 2-line alphanumeric backlit LCD display
4 x 1 inch / 10 x 2.5 mm
Pan Size (diameter) 3.5" (9 cm)
Free height above pan 9.5" (24 cm)
(W x H x D)
7.9" x 11.8" x 18" (20 x 30 x 45.7 cm)



Statistics are used when it is desired to compare a number of samples and examine the relative deviation of the samples along with other statistical data. A minimum of three samples are required in this program. Statistics contains menu options which include: number of samples, maximum, minimum, difference, sum, mean, standard deviation, relative deviation, auto sample and auto print.

In addition to standard weighing, statistical data can be provided for Animal/Dynamic Weighing and Checkweighing measurements.


The Ohaus Discovery analytical balance provides users with four methods of density determination to choose from depending on their need. They are:

  1. User can determine density for solids more dense than water
  2. User can determine density for solids less dense than water
  3. User can determine density for liquid density (sinker needed, not included)
  4. User can determine density for porous material (impregnated with oil)

After entering a couple of parameters into the balance, the built in density table, and mass measurement of the balance take over to provide rapid and accurate density results, with no manual calculations needed.

Pipette Calibration

Pipette calibration checks the accuracy and precision values of pipettes by weight analysis. The Ohuas Discovery DV215CD 0.01 mg semi-micro balance is recommended for maximum accuracy. To calibrate a pipette, the user will select the type of liquid to be used in the pipette (normally water), barometric pressure, nominal value, and unit of measure of the pipette. The balance will do the rest. The Ohuas Discovery will accept an alternate liuids density in g/cc at current room temperature as well.

Percent Weighing

This mode allows the user to display the weight of a sample as a percentage of a reference weight useful in sieving applications, reagent weighing, moisture determination and other types of ingredient mixing.

Parts Counting

Parts counting mode is useful when counting pills, or parts that have a consistent, but low nominal mass. This mode allows the user to count based on a calculated piece weight. The optimization feature improves counting accuracy by automatically re-calculating the piece weight as parts are added.

Check Weighing

This mode allows the user to check the weight of a sample against preset target parameters such as underweight and overweight.

Animal/Dynamic Weighing

Dynamic weighing can be used when eigher a rough environment is encountered such as on a ship, or when in a location that may not have ideal conditions. In addition, this mode allows the user to weigh moving objects such as animals, insects or other moving specimens. Dynamic weighing averages out weight readings over a period of time and displays the results until cleared.


This mode allows the user to sum a series of sample weights that can be greater than the capacity of the balance. Totalization is helpful when adding the masses of several samples together without the need for a calculator.

High Point

High point can be used when analyzing batches or lots, or for quality checking of random samples. When in High Point mode, the balance will save only the highest weight value from a series of weighings.

Additional Features

Multiple Weighing Units
The Ohaus Discovery analytical balance features multiple weighing units including a user-defined custom unit for use in unique weighing applications.

Environmental Settings

When working in harsh environments, users can adjust Discoverys environmental settings to compensate for vibrations and other disturbances.


Discovery comes with an included RS232 interface and provides full GLP/GMP data output

Up-Front Level Indicator

Discovery has been designed with an up-front level indicator eliminating the need to look behind the balance during the leveling process. A quick glance at the up-front level indicator helps to ensure that the balance is level prior to each use.

Easy to View Display

Discovery features a 2-line alphanumeric LCD display with a brilliant backlight.

Easy to Clean

Discoverys stainless steel platform and removable wind ring make it extremely easy to clean.

Weigh Below Hook

Discoverys integral weigh below hook allows density determination or calculating the specific gravity of samples.

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