10 Tips For Buying A Shipping Scale

  1. Make sure your buying from a quality manufacturer. If you see a shipping scale out there substantially lower than the rest of the market, by a company you've never heard of, chances are they are trying to take you for a ride.
  2. Always get a higher capacity than you need. Just because you only ship 20 Lb boxes on average does not mean that you won't need to ship a 50 Lb box next week.
  3. If your looking for a scale to connect to your shipping software, verify what type of output the scale has and make sure you have an open slot on your computer. Most scales use RS232 Serial Output, but USB versions are available.
  4. Find out if your business needs a legal for trade scale.
  5. Make a list of what your specific needs are and compare them to each scale as you shop. There are shipping scales that do gross weight only, others have over/under features, some print labels and bar codes for inventory management.
  6. Find out if the scale has a remote display. Remote displays can be mounted to walls, under counter tops or set just about anywhere to make the LCD screen easy to read.
  7. Find out how long the manufacturers warranty is.
  8. Speak with the company you are about to purchase a scale from. Does not matter if it's a phone call, a live chat, or an email. A legitimate company will have customer services reps available to assist you immediately. If you have problems contacting a company during business hours chances are your not on a legitimate website.
  9. Check out what services each company offers. The website with the lowest price is not always the way to go. Saving $10 or $20 is not worth giving up a replacement policy or tech support. Many companies that are completely focused on the price can not afford to offer you post sales support.
  10. Don't settle for something less than what you really need. If the scale you need is a little out of your current budget it's best to wait another month and get the correct one. Purchasing a shipping scale that does not do everything you need it to is only going to hinder your business in the end.

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