Three Scales For Shipping Centers

We get alot of calls from customers who are opening shipping centers, and generally they all have the same questions.
  • What scale can I use that is compatible with Fedex, UPS, DHL and the USPS?
  • Will this scale work with my shipping software?
  • What kind of accuracy do I need?
The top three scales used in shipping centers are the Mettler Toledo PS6L, the Detecto AS-350D and the NCI 7620. All three of these scales are legal for trade, compatible with most shipping software, and accurate to 0.1 of an ounce at lower weights.

So what's the difference between them all?

The Mettler Toledo PS6L leads the market in gross sales due to it's ease of use, plug and play compatibility, and Geocal auto-calibration features. The PS6L is easily integrated with many software applications, and suits the needs for most shipping outlets.

The Detecto AS-350D does feature plug and play compatibility, and auto calibration features like it's main competitor, but it takes it's design a bit further with an advanced feature set. The 350D features selectable baud rate, ASCII format with with 8 data bits, and weight on demand output. (Basically if you need a scale that will work with custom designed shipping software, this is the best fit).

The NCI 7620 brings together the best of both worlds so to speak. The 7620 has it's own data stream, but it also features emulation modes for the PS6L and the AS-350D. What that means it it can adjust the way it works to make itself compatible with different protocols. With a NCI scale you virtually do not need to worry about compatibility with your shipping software. In addition since the NCI is not as well known as Mettler Toledo or Detecto, you can generally pick one up for about $100 less than the competition.
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