How To Print Postage From Your Home Or Office

In this guide we will show you what is required to print postage from your home or office. You can start saving time and money almost immediately, and eliminate those tedious trips to the post office. Enjoy!


There are three pieces of hardware that are required for printing your own postage

  1. A Computer with an internet connection.
  2. A printer (Inkjet, Laser or Thermal is fine)
  3. A postal scale (You can buy postal scales here.)

If you use a standard printer you can print the postage label out on regular paper, or you can buy peel and stick labels to use. Peel and stick labels are fairly inexpensive and can be found at your local office supply store.

If you plan on printing labels several times a day, I would recommend a DYMO label printer. These printers print out address labels and postage at the same time to make the whole process easier for you. In addition, they come with free software called DYMO Stamps which lets you purchase and print postage. You can view the printer here.


The top two postage providers are Endicia and These two programs work in a debit down system. What this means is that you provide a credit card and pay for a certain amount of postage. Let's say $50.00 for this instance. That money will then go into your account and you can print postage all you want until you run out of money. Once that happens you can easily purchase more postage. Both of the companies above offer easy to use software that is free when you sign up for the service.


It's that simple. Weigh the envelope or package, plug the weight into the software, print your postage and hand it to the mailman as he stops by.

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