Jennings J-Ship Shipping Scale Review

Scale Review 1/03/08

Rating: 8 out of 10


"We were pleasantly surprised when we performed this scale review. The Jship by Jennings easily outperforms all other similar scales in it's class."

Model: Jennings Jship

Capacity: 265 Lbs

Accuracy: 0.2 Lbs

Power: AC Adapter or Batteries (Both Included)


The Jennings J-Ship Shipping Scale is a sleek stainless steel platform scale. The rock solid construction on this model is more than capable of handling a large work load. The platform measures 15" x 12" and can easily handle small or large packages. With its 265 Lb or 120 Kg capacity those oversized packages are not a problem anymore. A remote display panel further enhances The J-Ship with easy to read 1" digits. The display includes three buttons, On / Off - Tare - Zero.


Special additional features of the Jennings J-ship include:

Weighing Mode: Retains last mode used when switched off.

Auto Turn Off: Auto-off function must be enabled to work.

Low Voltage Alarm: Lets you know if you have low battery or power voltage.

Auto Zero: Scale has an Auto Zero Tracking Function.

Auto Lock: Set Auto Lock after reading stabilizes. The lock icon will be lighted and readings will be unlocked in 6 seconds.

Stability Indication: If adding objects continuously set the stability indication mode, which does not lock the readings. The indicator can be chosen from decimal point, mode indicator or lock icon.

Taring: Press the Tare button and scale will show 0.0. The Tare function can be used repeatedly. Negative figures will be displayed if the tared weight on the tray is removed. Remove the negative figure by pressing Tare again.

Overload Indication: Display will show EEEEE if the weight exceeds the capacity of the scale.


  • Very Affordable

  • Stainless Steel Design

  • Large 15" x 12" Platform


  • 1 Lb Minimum - Can not do first class mailings

  • Does not have RS232 Support


Our conclusion:

This scale is very affordable, has a huge capacity and a remote display. We were unable to find any other scale on the market with all the features of the Jship that was in the same price range. Although it does not have a RS232 support for connecting to your shipping software, the scale was very easy to use. This would be a great buy for low volume shippers and home businesses.

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