You Might Need A Scale If...

  1. Your local Post Master greets you by first name when you step into line at the post office
  2. You spend more money on gas to get to the post office than you do on actual postage
  3. The area around your bathroom scale is covered with peanuts and packing tape
  4. Your nutritionist tells you that you only lost two pounds, and you have to prove them wrong
  5. Your freight company is charging you re-weighing fees every shipment, and you just realized you could have went to Hawaii last year
  6. Your current scale is just so "Last Year"
  7. That special someone is starting a business and you want to get some cheese points with "How I love thee, let me count the Weighs"
  8. You have to prove that your baby is growing up to be bigger and stronger than your best friends baby
  9. You have to make sure you got your moneys worth on that last "tobacco" purchase
  10. No-one ever believes the story where you caught that gigantic bass and you have to prove that it weighed at least 80 Lbs!
  11. Your children thought you would enjoy a talking bathroom scale that announces to the world how much you weigh
  12. You own a pawn shop and the customers give you a dirty look after test the weight of their jewelry with your hand
  13. You've been going to the farmers market for years, but just realized you can make more money by selling apples by the pound
  14. Your cat REALLY needs a diet, and you decide to finally monitor his food intake
  15. You need to know when you have eaten enough bananas to qualify for a higher weight class

Every site needs a little humor right?

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