Ultraship Postal Scale Review

When your shopping for a postal scale there are tons of different brands to choose from. We've had the opportunity to use most of these different brands and there is one that definitely stands out from the crowd. The Ultraship by My Weigh.

There are tons of good things we could tell you about this scale, but in order to be brief we are only going to highlight a few of the most important things that set this scale in a class of it's own.

  • Dual range design: This scale is designed to weigh letters AND heavy packages. At lower weights (1-5 pounds) it is accurate to 0.1 of an ounce which makes it fully capable of weighing letters and first class mail for the post office. At higher weights it is accurate to .5 of an ounce and capacities of up to 75 lbs are available. No other postal scale on the market in this price range has this feature.
  • Detachable Face: The face of this scale can be removed and pulled away from the unit. It is on a 6' chord which makes it extremely easy to weigh over-sized boxes that would cover the display on most other postal scales.
  • Accessories: The Ultraship from My Weigh comes with two helpful accessories. The scale includes an envelope holder and a tube holder. Both of these accessories are extremely helpful when weighing larger envelopes or blueprints. There is also a stainless steel tray that can be purchased separately make the scale look classier, or to make it easy to clean the surface.
In our opinion the Ultraship beats the competitors hands down. And starting at around $34.00 you cant beat the price.

For more information on the Ultraship Postal Scale, click here.
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