What kind of postal scale should I buy?

People are not sure what kind of postal scale they should buy.This is by far the question we get more than any other. I think we are actually going to write an article on that subject, but that's better left to another day.

The main difference between postal scales is simply this: One will calculate how much postage will cost, and the other simply gives you a weight reading. This is a very important feature for some, but if you do not need it you can easily save $50 bucks.

I always ask the customer what kind of work they do. If they are in an office type environment, they probably print postage out with a meter or other similar software. They will need the postal scale that calculates rates.

If they work at home and sell items through eBay or Amazon, they need the postal scale that only gives weight readings. Many selling venues like these will calculate the price of postage for them if they simply provide how much the item weighs.

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